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We're Hiring!

We are currently looking for a part-time

Groundskeeper/Event Staff

Responsibilities & Duties:

  • Hauling tables and chairs around the property to execute all event floorplans

  • Breaking down and storing all furniture after events

  • Performing routine maintenance around the building such as fixing cosmetic damage, for example, window, door, paint or wall repair

  • Applying preventative measures to the building to reduce the risk of future problems

  • Fixing potential safety hazards to avoid injuries

  • Light yard work around the property

  • Pressure washing of outdoor areas

  • General upkeep of venue equipment and furniture

  • Assist the General Manager in completing any necessary repairs or projects

  • Maintain a positive attitude when interacting with clients, guests, and other staff members

  • Provide services upon request of the client

  • Be punctual, professional, and appropriately dressed for all events

  • Know wait staff etiquette  

  • Know lingo and technical terms for all items used in/during events


Skills & Requirements:

  • Have/acquire and maintain Texas Food Handler & Texas Alcoholic Beverage Certifications

  • Carpentry ability to handle basic repairs to furniture and equipment

  • Groundskeeping if the facility contains lawns or other outdoor areas in need of maintenance

  • Interpersonal skills to interact with employees or residents of the building in a pleasant manner

  • Attention to detail to ensure that all jobs are completed in an exemplary manner and any potential hazards or warning signs of problems are not overlooked

  • Physical stamina to handle a full shift of being active and working on the building

  • Use common sense to make quick decisions in case of emergencies or other problems that may occur

  • Knowledgeable of use and safety precautions of power tools and hardware

Technicians are given event dates as far in advance as possible. Technicians are scheduled as event staff based on event timelines and are not set in stone, thus must be flexible and available on weekends.

Please let us know your weekday availability and we will work on a permanent maintenance schedule.


Thanks for submitting!

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